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Southern Green Builders

Providing a seamless experience from start to finish

Home building and remodeling is the process of creating a space that will hold a lifetime of memories. We believe that the process can and should be enjoyable. With our experience and wealth of knowledge about custom home building and remodeling, Southern Green Builders understands that the success of a project depends on your positive experience.




The Southern Green Builders’ process starts with a promise to listen. Constructing a home and remodeling spaces are about more than reading plans. It is about joining our expertise with your vision. Our process includes working alongside you and your architect during the pre-construction and design process. We do this so your design is feasible and within your budget. Our approach saves time, costs, and frustration. 

At Southern Green Builders, we begin every custom home project by helping you assemble the ideal team, tailored to the specific needs of your project. This includes not just the architect but also the engineer and interior designer. We believe in working closely with the architect from the very beginning to ensure that every aspect of your home reflects your lifestyle, vision, and budget. Our collaborative approach is designed to reduce miscommunication, prevent scope creep, and ensure that your vision is realized with our expertise and transparency guiding the process.


Working with Southern Green Builders from the start of your process means your design will be clear and final when it's time for construction, with no unanswered questions about your architect's design or costly guesswork. Communication is key, especially during the design stage, and can eliminate many difficulties during the construction process.
Our planning process is dynamic and client-centered. We start with hand-drawn schematics and evolve these into detailed design drawings through an iterative process that involves your input at every step. As we refine the design, we discuss pricing in detail, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the budget and what's included. We meticulously track every change to ensure that the impact on your budget is transparent and manageable, allowing us to provide you with accurate cost estimates that reflect the detailed specifications of your new home.


As we move into the construction phase, we ensure that all necessary permits are obtained and that the final construction drawings reflect the careful planning that has taken place. With our deep industry experience, we guide you through the selection of materials and the construction process, ensuring that each component of your home is the best fit for your needs and budget. The final price of your project is determined before construction begins, with a comprehensive contract that lays out all the specifics, so there are no surprises. We manage the construction of your home with precision and care, ensuring that the final product is a beautiful residence that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Throughout construction, you will have real-time online access to all planning, processes, and selections related to your home. Our vetted network of subcontractors provides only the best quality of work and professionalism.

Custom Master Bath

What Our Clients Think

"Southern Green worked with us through possibly the most difficult situations a homeowner would have to deal with, our architect disappeared with our money but without submitting our building plans to the HOA to the city Southern Green stepped in, worked with our new architect, was able to help push through our permits. When Covid hit, they adapted beautifully and kept our project going.

I honestly can’t thank them enough, We love our house, and everyone who comes to our house loves it, it was a wonderful experience working with them."

Aziz G.

Kitchen Custom Houston Home

What Our Clients Think

"Working with Southern Green was by far the best part of our home design and remodel experience. All the people are great. Communication was exceptional. Co-construct is incredibly useful. Clear expectations, and reliable follow through. Any issues were addressed quickly, and well. Couldn't recommend more."

Jeff T.

Kitchen Open Shelves

What Our Clients Think

"Management and field leaders of Southern Green Builders worked extensively with us to build a budget and work program for our custom home and helped us navigate through multiple decisions and selections based on a highly constructive discussion. SGB demonstrated a great knowledge of constructibility options and an honest desire to come up with solutions where all parties win and facilitated discussions to ensure we make the right decisions based on our budget and quality expectations. During the execution phase, the process was completed as planned with minor deviations, with an appropriate level of Communication between the Construction /Architect and us as owners, very good Quality control on Materials and Construction, outstanding field supervision, very proactive "Problem-Solving" attitude, constantly adhering to Cost control practices and Budget management. We developed an excellent relationship with Southern Green Builders Management and Staff based on trust and relying on SGB elevated sense of ethics and respect for their clients."

Ebert C.


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2022 Best of Houzz Design
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National Association of Home Builders
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