Lindale Park Home Remodel

in Houston, TX

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Matte Brass Spa Style Shower Master Bathroom In Houston
EleanorMatte Brass Spa Style Shower Master Bathroom In Houston
Master Bathroom Storage In Houston Texas

This home in the heart of Lindale Park is not necessarily considered historic but remains timeless in its design.

From the spacious master bathroom to the additional storage in the kitchen, this home is perfect for accommodating a growing family.

Complete with a matte brass spa style shower, freestanding tub, and natural light, this luxurious master bathroom makes for the perfect spot to relax. Unique additions such as a linear shower drain and bathtub storage niche add a convenient touch.

Pedestal Sink Guest Bathroom Houston Home
Bay Window In Houston Texas Home
Kitchen Remodel In Houston Texas

 In addition, the elegant pedestal sink, beautiful cabinetry space, and the original bay window all add to the character of the Lindale Park home.


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