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Classic Houston Heights Remodel

Houston, TX

Modern Touches and Historical Charm

This classic historic home remodel is nestled in the Houston Heights neighborhood, and included adding a second story in addition to completely remodeling the existing space. 

The goal of this remodel and addition was to bring the space into the 21st century without losing its historical charm.

A unique way to merge the old with the new is to incorporate original features or materials into the update. For this home, salvaging wood from the original space created the perfect opportunity to seamlessly transform materials of the past into eye-catching accents of the present, as seen by both the backing of the kitchen island knee space and the accent wall in the upper-level hallway leading down the stairwell.

Luxury Home Kitchen Remodel in the Houston Heights Neighborhood
Luxury Kitchen Island with Marble Countertops and Industrial Light Fixtures
Custom Home Kitchen with Custom Inset Cabinetry in Houston

Modern industrial lighting fixtures are a great way to set the scene with brass, gold, or matte black fixtures accompanied by Edison bulbs; re-created with modern-day LED technology to ensure safety and efficiency.

Historic Home Wall Paneling by Custom Home Builders in Houston
Custom Built-in Storage Space in the Living Room
Luxury Home Fixtures in a Historic Home Remodel in the Houston Heights Neighborhood

With the addition of a second level, came the opportunity to create a beautiful master bathroom.

Walk-in showers are convenient and quick, while freestanding bathtubs are relaxing and more true-to-period of a home in this historic district. When faced with the decision, our favorite answer is, “why not both?”

The end result: a perfect place for getting ready in the morning or taking a warm bubble bath at night.

Classic Master Bathroom in a Historic Remodel in the Houston Heights-1
Custom Home Bathroom Remodel with a Double Vanity and Industrial Light Fixtures
Houston Bathroom Remodel in The Historic Heights Neighborhood

Custom built-in cabinets are a tried-and-true way to maximize space based on each homeowner’s needs, and can be designed to fit any and all walls, closets, hallways, and more.

The built-in custom entertainment center in this project has all the storage and shelving space you could need for placing family pictures, storing movies, and hiding all the wires that pile up with modern electronics. 

The custom closet cabinetry creates the opportunity to store odds and ends, clothing, linens, or any other personal items.

Custom Built-in Storage Space by Houston Home Builders and Remodelers
Historic Heights Neighborhood Remodel Entryway and Staircase
Built-in Custom Entertainment Center by a Custom Home Builder Houston

The master bedroom boasts a cathedral ceiling, opening up the space and offering a sense of grandeur to the historic home, which were more commonly built with low ceilings.

Similar to paying homage to a home’s history by incorporating original materials, another great way to stay true-to-period is to incorporate vintage-style door knobs. The glass knobs utilized throughout this remodel bring a dash of charm without interrupting the modern flow of the home.

This project is a quintessential Houston Heights remodel, and a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to upgrade their historic home without losing the historic charm.

8th W 515 IMG 25_1 (1)
Vintage Door Knobs on Industrial Style Doors in a Houston Heights Remodel
Built-in Custom Storage in the Master Bedroom Closet

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